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History of WildWorldWatch

Foundation to WildWorldWatch was laid by the NGO [Non Governmental Organization] WildGREENS. WildGREENS was initiated by a group of Scouts from Kingswood College, Kandy, Sri Lanka. The innovative idea of orienteering and Nature Conservation was the hope of this group. The WildGREENS was founded by a group of friends and Sarath Walisundara and Nayana Wickramasinghe were two of the keystone members and they are now partners and share holders of WildWorldWatch. Limiting the membership only to 25, WildGREENS carried out many noteworthy conservation projects from 1989 to date. Go to WildGREENS to see more about their activities and services.

In 2008, WildWorldWatch was registered as an Eco Tourism and Training Company. We always wanted to try new things and help innovative people to grow. With WildGREENS we've practiced better ways and means of living, to offer the best possible to others by innovative ideas. WildWorldWatch works as the fund raising unit of the WildGREENS as well as developing its own growth of sustainable entrepreneurship.

WildWorldWatch promotes Sri Lanka and its values for the World to experience and believes in sustainable eco-tourism. In promoting Sri Lanka, WildWorldWatch concentrates in Ancient Technology of Sri Lanka, Lifestyle practices of Sri Lankans inherited from generation to generation, Buddhism, Meditation, History, Geological and Anthropological values in Sri Lanka, Archeological sites & facts and good values of present people of Sri Lanka. In eco-tourism, WildWorldWatch focuses on visiting and conservation of wildlife sancturies, studying/ watching and protecting of flora and fauna, walking instead of traveling, indigenous agricultural ways and means, ancient, eco friendly irrigation systems of Sri Lanka and restoring eco systems that are threatened. We entirely reject taxonomical studying on flora and fuana for mere benefit of higher education. Instead we believe in studying them for awareness of being threatnened and using the knowledge to protect all living beings!

By connecting to us and visit Sri Lanka through WildWorldWatch means that you are helping Nature to be restored and protected.

We expect you chose the right path to come to Sri Lanka.

Thank you for visiting us.