Free Thinkers Area



We believe in FREE THINKING. Free thinkers are the people who dare enough to explore the better ways to make the society a better one. Free thinkers are the people who have risked their lives to make the world better shaped. Buddha was clearly the fist ever FREE THINKER to appear in history. Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, Galileo, Thomas Edison are only a very few other free thinkers. Free thinkers write great literature. People who have become the best writers for children are free thinkers. Only free thinkers can write what is really good for little children. Great music and great art come flowing from FREE THINKER.

It is a gift to be a free thinker, but this gift is hidden in almost everyone, deep - very deep inside. All obstacles from poverty, depression and various other social, cultural and religious beliefs suppress people from being free thinkers. But the brave breaks free out of such hardship and become free thinkers. By reading life stories of great people who had courage to change the world in good way - I REPEAT, IN GOOD WAY - we can understand the truth in this statement.

If someone really wants to be a free thinker, he is advised to go through the life stories of great people.

On the other way round, is it only history books that reveal examples of great free thinkers? It is not. If we look around us, with an open mind set, we will be able to see many free thinkers. Think about the free thinkers 2000 - 2500 years ago. Did they have the fame they have now in their times? Only a very few had. Others became famous after many years later, in most occasion after they died! Aristotle was poisoned. Some others were exiled from the society by the church. But whatever the hardship they experienced, they never gave in until they achieved what they believed in or fulfilled the the service they wanted to do.

At WildWorldWatch, a FREE THINKERS' AREA has been designed in memory of those who had given their lives out to the world as free thinkers.

Kind reader, you are invited and encouraged to be a free thinker and a person who had taken the same step as the great free thinkers of the history of mankind.