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Plan your Eco Friendly Holiday in Sri Lanka

Now's the best time for you to plan your next holiday in Sri Lanka. We have the sunshine you await, wildlife at its best, comfort and hospitality that you would not find anywhere in the World. WildWorldWatch plans and deploys your holiday as close as possible to nature. Whether you're an individual looking for wildlife photography or a family with kids looking for a safe, ecologically friendly, educative holiday or a group seeking refuge in real wilderness to trek, do a long walk, climb a mountain, camp in a jungle, ....we have answers for you.

Eco Tourism with WildWorldWatch is professional. From arranging your hotel stays to providing Naturalists, guides and ideas for you to spend a trouble-free holiday, you can trust us. Birding, Whale Watching, Nature Trails, Caving, Walking and Geo Trails, mountain climbing, Kayaking, Snorkeling in fresh water streams and river bathing, Luxury and Standard camping, hiking and searching for specific fauna and flora [butterflies, dragonflies, snakes, owls, reptiles, insects and trees and plants] are provided by wildworldwatch.

Sri Lanka's Wildlife

Sri Lanka is one of 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world. Being a relatively small country it has the highest biodiversity density in Asia. An outstandingly high proportion of the species among its flora and fauna, 27% of the 3,210 flowering plants and 22% of the mammals, are endemic. Sri Lanka has declared 24 wildlife reserves, which are home to a wide range of native species. Sri Lanka bears 171 species of reptiles, of which 56 are threatened and 101 are endemic. Most of the reptiles are snakes and the largest are two species of Crocodile, the Mugger crocodile and Saltwater Crocodile. Sri Lanka has one of the most fertile diversity of amphibians in the world, containing over 106 species of amphibians (over 90 of which are endemic) and has been claimed to have the highest amphibian species density in the world. 52 species of amphibians in Sri Lanka are threatened, all but one of which are endemic. 245 butterflies species are recorded from Sri Lanka of which 24 are endemic to the island and 82 species of freshwater fish.The total number of insect species recorded is about 11,144.

Sri Lanka is a birder's paradise. Birding in Sri Lanka has been a great hobby since long time. In National Parks, Bird Sanctuaries and in many other places you can do your birding in style with WildWorldWatch.

Culture that is as old as human civilization

Sri Lanka owns a unique culture that you will not find anywhere in the World. The smiling, cool, hospitable community of Sri Lanka will fascinate you while you walk through villages and cultural sites. A reason to be quite different from larger countries nearby is an unwritten history that runs back to the beginning of civlization.


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Please read the following and remember the points we mention below.

Visiting Rainforests. You will feel like you've entered the Old World. The fauna and flora and the atmosphere in rainforests of Sri Lanka will fascinate you and your family.
Watching fauna closely. With the Naturalist we provide for you to identify and track best of the wildlife, be a little patient and silence is the secret to good tracking.
Respect the Wild. When you spend your time in a forest, in a river or a stream or just in a shade of a tree, you will see a lot of wildlife passing by. Keep in your mind that they are also living beings, and if we respect them they will also respect us and it will keep us safe too.




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WildWorldWatch is not just a Tour/ Travel Operator company.

WildWorldWatch believes in conservation of environment for future. We encourage Nature lovers and enthusiasts of the world to join us to make aware about environmental pollution and how to avoid it, ways and means of protecting Mother Nature and most of all, educate the future generation on these valuable life skills.

Please feel free to contact us, inform us of any threat to environment, any disturbance in nature reserves, threats to wildlife anywhere in the world. We would certainly appreciate it and take action, may be in our small ways to help prevent any threat to Nature.

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