Naturalist's Journals


We decided to have a page for write-ups of our Environmentalists and Naturalists for you to have a look. Their encounters in Wildlife and related tours will be an excellent way for you to decide how we organize the tours for you.

Birding session - 02 March 2014

“It's too early Nayana! Why don't we go out after breakfast at about 8 o' clock?” was what Jean said as we were getting ready for a birding session at about 6.30 in the morning. The previous night, just after dinner I suggested that we'd have to set off early if we want to spot more birds. The group hesitated a moment and agreed.

That was how we started the day. But when we started spotting birds, one by one, the grumbling ceased. Everybody was busy looking at the birds and listening to me when I described and identified them for Jean and the group.

First we came across with a family of Yellow-billed Babblers and two Scimiter-Babblers. Unfortnately there was still not enough light for us to take any photographs. As I was sure, when a family of babblers get together in the morning, some other bird species are also to join them in a while. Thereofre I suggested Jean and the group to wait a few minutes to see if other species would appear the flock to feed.

I was not mistaken. We had only to wait about 6-7 minutes. A few Black Bulbuls came chattering their usual way.

Wildlife Safari at Yala NP - 17 to 22 February 2014

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Visit to Sinharaja Rainforest - 5 - 6 February 2014

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